VULNERABLE residents are at risk as Brexit is predicted to increase the cost of living.

The council are now preparing for Britain leaving the EU.

East Ayrshire’s dignified food programme has been enhanced and strengthened, through school meal provision, holiday programmes and pantries.

Arrangements are in place for alternative menus and food stock management in the event of disruption to supplies with increased orders for a number of specific products being considered.

Additional freezer capacity has been arranged to support the dignified food programmes.

In terms of fuel poverty, effects from a no-deal scenario may not be felt immediately owing to Ofgem’s Energy Price Cap.

The next review of the Energy Price Cap is due on February 7, 2020 where it is anticipated that their will be a significant increase in fuel tariffs. The East Ayrshire Poverty Action Group is working with key partner agencies including Citrus Energy, Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Home Energy Scotland to consider how best to support those worst affected by these.