Council roads bosses have blasted heavy traffic delays around the Bellfield Junction.

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance has also complained to Transport Scotland about the state of the A77 and A76. 

The gripes were raised during an East Ayrshire Council response to a consultation on the National Transport Strategy. 

The written response said: “The general condition of some parts of the trunk road network on the A76 and the A77” were of concern.

It pointed out there are “extensive traffic delays” around the Bellfield Junction and the Ayr bypass.

The  alliance blamed “many at-grade roundabouts” on the bypass for fuelling gridlock. 

Head of roads, Stewart Turner, presented the council’s feedback on the national agency’s vision at the council’s cabinet meeting in London Road on Wednesday. 

Other concerns included the lack of a commuter cycling network and the high amount of freight vehicles on the roads. 

Mr Turner told the cabinet meeting the national strategy aims to get people cycling and walking more.

Councillor John McGhee, Labour,  said cycling locally is a “daunting prospect” for those who aren’t used to it with large lorries rushing past at 70mph.

Labour Councillor Neil McGhee pointed out the non existence of /cycle routes.

He said: “Rural roads are more dangerous than urban roads.”

The council’s National Transport Strategy response said: “Although Scotland has some excellent bus, rail, ferry and rail services, there is persistent criticism in the lack  of provision in certain parts of the country.    

“Road network issues include the deteriorating  condition of the road surface and traffic congestion, which results in poor customer satisfaction levels, traffic delays and the perception of increased road safety issues.”

The National Transport Strategy was launched by Cabinet Secretary, Michael Matheson in July.