Pedestrians’ safety could be in danger because of vehicles ignoring a traffic ban in Cumnock, according to members of the community.

The Square became a pedestrian and cyclist only zone in June 2018 for safety reasons, with only emergency vehicles or wedding and funeral cars permitted. But despite the new legislation, unauthorised vehicles continue to enter The Square, and there are concerns that someone could be hurt.

Reverend John Paterson, of Old Cumnock Parish Church, told the Chronicle: “I think since the legislation came into place there has been a marked reduction in the number of vehicles using The Square but then it only takes one or two to lead to a dangerous situation.

“With the church being right in the centre, there are blind corners, so people don’t see any approaching vehicles. Also, there are people stepping out of shops and as vehicles come round, it can be very dangerous. I know there is one patron of one of the shops on The Square who is blind with a guide dog and he wouldn’t expect there to be a vehicle.

“I think the fact that there have been restrictions put in place people then expect it to be pedestrianised. They are not expecting to see vehicles on The Square so it has now become more dangerous. Young children, particularly, might think they’re safe there as they’re not expecting a vehicle to come round. People have commented about it.”

A concerned resident, who wished to remain anonymous, added: “There’s an accident waiting to happen. It is dangerous. It’s annoying as well. The council needs to be more proactive in dealing with vehicles going into The Square when rules were put in place just recently. We don’t want anyone getting hurt.”

Stewart Turner, head of Roads, Ayrshire Roads Alliance, said: “We continue to patrol the area regularly and the feedback from our attendants is that they have never any issues observed in this area. However, since we take pedestrian safety extremely seriously, we have arranged for some additional street furniture in the form of two bollards to be installed to help prevent unauthorised access via the pedestrian crossing by the Royal Hotel.