AN AYRSHIRE MP has explained the Brexit index map highlighting areas which will be majorly impacted when the UK leaves the EU.

Dr Philippa Whitford, MP for Central Ayrshire, pinpointed examples as to why sections of South Ayrshire are coloured in dark-green – which indicates the wards which will be most affected, according to The Brexit Vulnerability Index Map.

The new study shows around one in five people in Ayrshire will feel the bite of the UK leaving the European Union – which South, East, and North Ayrshire all voted against.

The report has been published by the Scottish Government to assess the areas in the country that are most at risk.

It highlights that 23,380 people in South Ayrshire are among in the top 20 per cent most vulnerable in Scotland.

The SNP member, who is against Brexit, believes it also shows the way the economy has changed since the referendum three years ago.

The 60-year-old said: “I think it’s a very useful tool to apply here in Ayrshire for the respective local authorities.

“It highlights the mix of areas within the region that are going to require the most attention from the council budgets and shows how the landscape has changed.

“For example, Troon Harbour is highlight green because of the fishing industry.

“In 2016, it was painted as a sea of opportunity for concerned fisherman all around the country by those who wanted to leave the EU.

“Whereas now, I think they’re realising that their whole industry is threatened.

“Prestwick Airport is also highlighted in green. It’s clearly a Brexit sensitive area due to the airspace involved around it and Monkton.

“The map is certainly interesting, but if you look at the report, it goes into more depth about the consequences of leaving the EU.

“One of the areas which the index is measured against is access to services.

“The difficulty with having so many areas in the dark green coloured areas, is that with less public spending, it’s going to be harder to help.”

The study was not based on a no-deal Brexit.