A HEARTBROKEN mum has revealed the horror ordeal she went through after her partner was stabbed in Mauchline.

The devastated woman, who doesn’t want to be named out of fear, is sharing how the father of her children was butchered in a frenzied knife attack to save others from the same fate.

It comes after police investigated 138 knife crimes in East Ayrshire over the past 10 months.

And there were 13 serious attacks in Kilmarnock Prison compared to zero the previous year.

The statistics emerged at the East Ayrshire police and Fire and Rescue committee.

Ayrshire Divisional commander Mark Hargreaves said officers had detected about 90 per cent of all serious assaults.

Now the mum-of-two has spoken out in a desperate bid to let people know the horrific consequences these brutal assaults can have.

She was left ‘crying herself to sleep’ and feeling unsafe of her own home after her partner was stabbed for ‘making too much noise’ in at the flat of his attacker.

She said: “Mentally and emotionally it has destroyed me.

“It was the worst and most horrific time of my life. My dad, who has heart failure, received abuse and hate stating this was not finished [after he had stabbed my partner].

“He was hospitalised and treated for over six weeks to get back to his health mentally and physically. At 22 years of age with two children under two I had to stay at home alone and look after them scared to leave my house.

“It’s been a horrendous experience that I would never wish on anyone or there family it has tore myself and my full family apart.

“My partner then had to under go surgery as he developed a blood infection which lead to him having to have more surgery.

“It’s a shame that a boy who barely leaves his home and when he does this is what happens, then having to deal with surgery, care in hospital for weeks while I sat at home alone scared with my two babies I couldn’t sleep for weeks thinking what is next?

“I felt I had nobody.

“I doubted myself about everything from my life to even if I was a good mum why would people do such hurtful things.”

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “Scotland has adopted a public health approach to violent crime, tackling the underlying causes of violence and not just the symptoms.

“Our approach to knife crime, focusing on prevention, is recognised across the UK and internationally as making a real difference in keeping people safer.”