A DOMESTIC abuse survivor has been given just seven days to pack up her ‘life-saving’ charity after being ‘threatened’ by her landlord.

Leanne Kennedy, 29, claims her landlord has been making her life ‘a living nightmare’ with sneaky charges, faulty property, and now an abrupt eviction notice.

The mum who survived a horrific abuse campaign from her ex-partner set up Free for Fuel to make sure survivors had somewhere they could rebuild their life from nothing.

It comes after she was forced to leave behind her entire life when she escaped the toxic relationship with nothing but her four-day-old baby.

But now her charity is on the brink of closure after her landlord of the warehouse she operates from at Thistlepark gave her a week to clear everything out, despite their rent ‘being sorted till February’.

The mum claims when she moved into the warehouse they had agreed if she paid the first three months up front they would have free rent till February since they were a charity.

Now Leanne has no idea where she will move the large stock of furniture that has been donated to them in such little time.

It comes after we told that the mum was in tears over mammoth hidden bills and was left feeling ‘scammed’.

She feels like she is being punished for speaking out about the ‘state of the building’ which is ‘riddled with potholes and doesn’t have working toilets’.

Leanne said: “I am working round the clock to save the charity but I don’t know where I will go now I only have seven days notice.

“We were told we would have free rent till February, it was in our contract but apparently because it is free it isn’t valid and they can take it back.

“I feel like we are being punished for speaking out about the state of the place but I can’t give up because the poverty levels in East Ayrshire keep me motivated,

“It is clear our service is needed and people rely on us.

“I can’t think about where we are going to go or I will cry, all I can do right now is to try and get rid of as much furniture as possible, I won’t turn anyone away.”