MCCOO artist Steven Brown has been branded “a disgrace” after announcing he is now employed by the company that bought the rights to his paintings before it went bust.

Steven Brown has been taken on as Brand Ambassador for the lifestyle company who have opened a shop selling his products just yards from where his old art shop lies empty in Newmarket Street in Ayr.

Former workers who were left out of pocket by the collapse of his company were left furious this week after he posted a Facebook snap with the new shop’s first customer.

Mr Brown posted: “Samantha was the first in the shop this morning! Who’s going to be paying us a visit next?”

One ex-employee of Steven Brown Art Ltd told The Sun: “He’s still not spoken to any of the staff he let go but can meet and greet the fans like nothing happened.

“It’s a disgrace.”

Mr Brown won national acclaim for his colourful paintings of Highland cows and founded his art empire in 2016.

The company once had a turnover of £11.5million but cashflow troubles led him to flog the copyright to it just days before the company folded in July.

But staff were left angry and upset after he failed to give them an explanation when the news broke.

His website has since relaunched as DGD Ltd trading as Steven Brown Art Ltd.

According to the Sun Mr Brown said of his new role: “It’s not my company. I’m nothing to do with it except being an employee.

“It keeps the art alive and thousands of people happy worldwide.”

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