AN AUCHINLECK dad is bursting with pride watching his son play in the Rugby World cup.

The tournament which is being held in Japan has left former soldier Carlo Sisi, 57, thrilled to see his son take on the world stage.

David Sisi, 26, qualified to play for Italy because of his Italian grandparents who moved to Auchinleck after the Second World War.

They raised Carlo in the community sending him to St Patrick’s School before he left to join the army at 16-years-old.

Now he is cheering his son on from Oxford while his grandmother roots for him in Auchinleck.

It isn’t the first time Carlo has been left overwhelmed with pride for his son as David already won the under 20’s World Cup in 2013 for England.

Carlo said: “It’s an immense pride for me to see it and I find it hard to put it into words how it feels seeing my son play on the world stage.

“When he won the junior world cup it was such a very special moment he was wearing an England jersey then but now there is a real sense of pride now seeing him in an Italy shirt because I think of my parents.

“My parents both came across from Italy just after the war and settled down here for the rest of their adult lives.

“They were refugees from that time after the war and set their roots in Auchinleck.

“My dad passed away some time ago but my mum is still around.

“She’s in a home and has got alzheimer’s now.

“She sort of understands but again I think she says everyone being happy so it makes her happy, but I don’t think she realises full how well he’s done.”

“He came into rugby late on he was 12 or 13 years old and then took to it like a duck to water and played for county and then South East England.

“When he was in the junior world cup which was held in France I went across and followed for the whole 6 weeks.

“I haven’t gone out to Japan yet but I’m very tempted to go out at some point.

“I couldn’t be prouder of him I’m absolutely elated.”