CUMNOCK is looking for an outstanding young resident who has gone above and beyond this past year.

The nomination forms for Cumnocks Young Citizen of the Year 2019 (CYCY) will be released mid October and residents are being urged to nominate worthy individuals.

They are looking for someone who deserves to be recognised for the worthwhile work they do in the local community.

Previous winners have come forward to share what the title meant to them and why the ‘life-changing’ award is so important.

Mason Kidd, 2017 Winner, said: “It was fantastic to be CYCY, it was great to have made such a positive impact on the town and really special to be recognised for it.

“It was such a special event for me to share with my family and the committee put on such a lovely evening.

“It’s great to always be able to say I was CYCY and to be able to pass that on to future young people. It’s something I will always be proud of and look forward to seeing all the young people who follow.”

Briony Masson, 2013 Winner, said: “I was fortunate to receive CYCY in 2013 for all my sporting achievements, all round contribution to life at the school and volunteering within the local community.

“Not only did the award help me gain entry into Edinburgh University to study PE Teaching but made me appreciate the many voluntary hours that the kind-hearted people of Cumnock put in to helping others in the community.

Niamh Connolly, 2018 Winner, said: “Winning has changed my life because it was a really big experience for me and it was kind of people to think of me and vote.

“Anywhere I go now someone recognises me and asks me about my charity work which is nice.”

Luke McBlain, 2015 Winner, said: “Being chosen as CYCY was a very proud moment for my family and I, and one which I will always remember. It was such a special year and was nice to be recognised for the volunteering work I did in our local community.

“I believe winning the award helped in my application to Glasgow University to study Veterinary Science which I am currently doing - I am extremely grateful to the CYCY committee and the people who nominated me and I look back on my year as CYCY very fondly.”