Household waste being recycled in Ayrshire is down according to a new report by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA).

The yearly report provides official statistics of Scotland’s household waste from 2018 broken down into council areas.

The data shows North Ayrshire as having the worst drop in household recycling out of the three Ayrshire regions, with East Ayrshire a close second and South Ayrshire very slightly improving.

Recycled household waste dipped by over one per cent in North Ayrshire according to the official SEPA report.

In 2017, North Ayrshire recycled 55.8per cent of its household waste, in 2018 the region recycled 54.6 per cent, meaning the area lost over one percent of waste to landfill.

This drop in household recycling means over six hundred tonnes of rubbish was not recycled in North Ayrshire last year.

Despite this, North Ayrshire retained its title as the area which recycled the greatest amount of household waste in Ayrshire.

The figures also show that East Ayrshire recycled more household waste than South Ayrshire in 2017, however a drop of over one per cent has seen East Ayrshire take the wooden spoon for recycling household waste in Ayrshire in 2018.