A DOMESTIC abuse charity is on the brink of collapsing after a landlord ‘threatened’ the survivor who set it up.

Leanne Kennedy, 29, said her landlord demanded that she leave the warehouse in Cumnock were she operates the Free for Fuel charity which helps other victims get on their feet.

She claims they have been ordered to hand over the keys – despite them having their rent covered for the next five months.

It comes after we told you the mum was in tears over mammoth hidden bills and was left feeling ‘scammed’.

She feels like she is being punished for speaking out about the ‘state of the building’ which is ‘riddled with potholes and doesn’t have working toilets’.

Leanne escaped a toxic relationship with nothing to her name triggered the inspiring idea to set up a charity that gives survivors free or cheap furniture to help them rebuild their lives.

But now Leanne says the landlord of the warehouse she helps people from is making her life ‘a nightmare’ with ‘sneaky charges’ and now the abrupt instructions to vacate the property at Thistle Park immediately.

She said: “We have our rent sorted till February but he has told us we need to hand our keys in now.

“He sent me a threatening letter to leave the premises because we spoke out about how bad the building was.

“Now we are looking for somewhere else to go as soon as possible but we haven’t found anywhere yet.

“It is really a nightmare.

“We were on the bases that if we paid three months rent we would get the next six months free.

“But even after the first three months were up they sent an invoice asking for money.

“We argued it so they know we are suppose to be sorted till February so how can they put me out now?

“We are worried we show up and the locks have been changed and we can’t get access to the warehouse, it is really stressful for us.

“All this is preventing us from doing our charity work as well because all of our energy is going into it.”

It comes after we told you how the charity is being forced to pay around £1,000 a month to run Free for Fuel when they had been under the impression it would only cost £200.

The charity had been told they would be exempt from non-domestic rates by the council but the landlord has now stated it doesn’t matter if they are a charity, the landlord still wants this money even though the council doesn’t.

The Landlord also sent out a £418 electricity bill despite her only spending roughly 40 hours a month in the unit.

She is now terrified that Free for Fuel will be forced to close their doors forever and stop helping people in crisis as the place has become unaffordable.

When contacted by the Chronicle, the landlord refused to comment.