A CUMNOCK teenager won a medal in a national horse riding competition after saving her pocket money up to compete.

Dana Simpson, 14, took home a bronze award for her impressive performance at the British Show Jumping Championships.

The Cumnock Academy student was left stunned when she placed in the top three in the juniors division.

Her family headed down to Stoneleigh to watch the talented school girl put her skills to the test again after she was came in the top ten last year.

But this year, she topped that by coming in the top three out of almost 200 contestants for her elegant performance.

Now Dana is excited for what comes next and is thrilled to have been recognised for all her hard work.

She said: “I didn’t think I would get so high up I was really surprised to be placed it didn’t feel real.

“I would like to be able to take it further and do it as a job when I’m older.

“I really like animals.

“This is the only hobby I stuck to.

“I want to jump even higher that’s my favourite part of riding.

“The competition was a really good day, I’m excited for what comes next.”

Her mum, Louise Simpson, said: “She has been horse riding since she was about five.

“Last year she qualified in the top 10 for the junior show jumping team and when we went back this year she came third out of 190 people.

“She got a bronze medal, a trophy, and a rosette for being one of the top show jumpers down at Stoneleigh.

“Dana is just so dedicated she eat sleeps and breathes it she is really passionate about horse riding.

“ We fund everything ourselves, it’s expensive but we want to support her because she loves it so much.

“She even saves up her pocket money to pay to enter competitions.

“It gets her outdoors and helps her learn a lot of skills, she has become more social through horse riding because it lets her make a wide circle of friends.

“It teaches her fun and discipline.

“She just loves horses and is falling in her sister’s footsteps who also rides.

“I’m very proud of her.”