A FORMER MP is refusing to be ‘bullied’ out of her desire to represent Cumnock because she is a women.

Corri Wilson who previously stood as the MP for Ayr Carrick & Cumnock 2015-17 and has now put her hat in the ring to stand again.

But the SNP member is hitting out about how difficult it can be for women in politics insisting they are ‘exposed to some of the worse abuse imaginable’.

Ms Wilson suffered ‘death threats, sexually derogatory remarks and down right lies’ while she worked to represent her constituents.

Taking to twitter the former MP spoke out about how she wants to be an example to encourage other women into the fieldbut warned that is isn’t easy.

She said: “There has been much c hatter recently and a push for women to get involved in politics which I clearly support. But the reality is putting your head above the parapet means you are exposed to some of the worse abuse imaginable.

She added: “Whilst it is understandable that not everyone will like you - that’s human nature - what is inconceivable is the desire, from some, to go out of their way to destroy an individual and their reputation (many continuing to do so despite knowing they are spreading lies) for their own self gain.

“In my case, people who purport to be independence supporters are happy to join in, liking and sharing lies and derogatory posts - how, in their heads, they imagine this helps our cause is bafflin.

"Another unwelcome trait in politics is the self inflated egos that tend to colour their judgement - that along with the convergence of hate filled individuals creates a perfect storm of gang mentality, reinforcing each other’s behaviour as acceptable."