A SICK thug tricked a man with learning difficulties then stole his bike in Mauchline.

James Macdonald, 21, was out for a ride on his bike when he saw a car crash and went over to help.

The cunning thief then asked James, who struggles with his speech and has other additional needs, if he could ‘borrow’ his bike because he was worried he knew someone in the accident.

Selfless James (below, with mum Karen) quickly handed over his prized possession to the complete stranger in a bid to help him and was left waiting for the crook to come back, which shockingly, he never did.

James was devastated when he realised he had been tricked and went home to tell his mum he had been robbed.

The Mauchline community were left furious when they found out what happened and rallied round to make sure he could get back on his bike.

They recognised James from always riding around local streets and started forking out donations and some even turned up to his house with their own bikes for him.

His mum, Karen Macdonald, was stunned at the villages generosity and couldn’t believe when they gathered enough to buy her son a brand new bike.

But sadly James has been left anxious riding on his own now and even though he loves his new bike he won’t play on it unless his mum can watch him.

Karen, 47, said: “He thought he was doing a nice thing and helping someone he really thought the man would bring him back his bike. It’s a shame because he was never off that bike he has a lot of learning difficulties and problems with his speech and is easily led, he would really do anything for anyone if they asked him.

“The bike let him go runs and visit his friends so he was really upset when he realised what had happened.

“When people found out they started to donate and even brought bikes to him. Everyone knows him because they see him riding around Mauchline all the time. I was really pleased to see the community come together like that. When he was given the bike he was in tears and giving everyone cuddles.”