A BRAVE mum who lost her baby is speaking out to make sure no one forgets her tragic daughter.

Gillian Patrick, 44, from Cumnock was 27 weeks pregnant when her baby died after she was diagno sed with Turner's Syndrome.

At first the inspiring mum found it hard to speak about the loss of her child but while working at Co-Op funeral care she saw more babies sadly come through their doors and realised it happens more than people may think.

She started to open up about her experience and wants other parents to do the same to keep their babies memories alive.

Gillian’s daughter would have been 22 this year and to mark the date she haslaunched a ser ies of programs for other mums like her.

There will be a sponsored walk, a memorial tree, and a memorial at the baby section at Cumnock cemetery.

Gillian said: “I lost my baby in 1997 and last year would have been her 21st birthday so I decided last year I would like to do something for it.

“I had problems during pregnancy and was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome and she died while I was 27 weeks pregnant.

“I work at Cumnock Co-Op funeral home so I see a few baby funerals and just through my own loss as well it be a nice thing to remember them.

Mainly I just want to raise awareness and get people talking.

“A lot of people keep it tothemselves but once you open up you start to realise so many have been through the same thing.

“We don’t want our babies to be forgotten.”

Baby loss awareness week runs from October 9-15 with a sponsored walk beign helfd at Dumfries House on Sunday, September 28.

The baby memorial service will be held on Saturday, October 12.