A DAD wants to teach Cumnock people self discipline and control though traditional karate classes.

Craig Milligan, 37, is helping launch Senjokai Karate Scotland in the local area to teach residents about the sports core values.

The electrician wants to share his passion in a bid to give students more confidence that they can use in their everyday lives.

He is hoping to ignite the same fire in others that he felt when kick-starting his karate experience.

With students from six to 60 everyone is welcome to try the class out and see if it is for them.

Craig said: “I want to bring my traditional karate classes to Cumnock.

“We teach a dramatic explosion of fun and traditional values that are fundamental to the sport.

“Students can learn self discipline and gain confidence while making friends at the classes.

“Many years ago my dad was involved in karate and I went along with him when I was younger but I fell away by my teens. Then I started taekwondo in my early 20s.

“I ended up having a knee operation and I started going back to karate to help it heal and felt a fire burn inside me that I hadn’t felt for years.

“I knew then that this was the sport for me.

“As soon as you walk in it is a welcoming atmosphere and I felt right at home, I belonged.

“That’s what I want to give to Cumnock with these traditional classes, it is more than just a sport.

“My own kids are involved in the club as it is mostly family orientated.

“The classes kick of Monday, September 2 at 6.15pm for the ‘wee ninjas’ then 7pm till 8pm for older people.

“It’s a passion of mine I hold dear to my heart and I want to pass on knowledge that I’ve got.

“It is also really good for fitness. I have taught people that were 60-years-old. It doesn’t matter what age you are you will be welcome to the family.”

There is currently classes across Ayrshire with Cumnock being the latest expansion.

Along with Sensei Liam Gallagher who is the founder and chief instructor, Craig is hopeful the new class will see a lot of new faces.