A FORMER chef of Prince Charles wants to launch a water sports school for kids in Cumnock and Doon Valley.

Jamie Millar, 36, from Catrine was inspired to get children interested in kayaking and more after feeling ‘sad’ that there wasn’t enough for youngsters to do in the area.

He has launched a Gofund me as he can’t afford to cover the instructor courses to legally take beginners onto the water.

Jamie hopes to raise around £25,000 to fund a full instructor course in outdoor activities which lasts six weeks.

The cash would also go towards a fleet of kayaks, stand up paddle boards, other water vehicles as well as good quality safety equipment.

Jamie also hopes to set up a website for this purpose as well so those involved would be able to follow the progress of such activities.

“I found that up this area there’s a real lack of stuff for people to do.

“I’ve been into water sports for a few years now and have taken my friends out, none of which are dead yet so I must be a pretty good teacher.

“I am looking for a career change after being a chef for Prince Charles at Dumfries House.

“I have been doing water sports as a hobby but I was to pass my skills across to other people now.

“I have been working with kids over the Summer up at Loch Lomond and getting them out on the water which has been really great if definitely inspired me.

“I worked with some children with severe autism and when they got into the water at first they were a bit nervous since it was so cold but once they got into it they were swimming like professionals.

“Now I know I want to work with kids and get properly qualified so that’s why I set up the Gofund me so I can do it full time.”

His GoFundMe states: “I have been a passionate kayak-er for years now.

“I love being on the water and I also enjoy passing on knowledge to others as I feel that you should be constantly improving yourself and learning new skills.

“It makes me sad is that many children and young adults for many reasons are not able to have access to such sports.”