A SELFLESS hairdresser has been giving children a major confidence boost with free haircuts for going back to school.

Trendz salon owner Michelle Pagan, 41, has been working overtime in her Auchinleck shop to make sure struggling families could get their kids haircut for the new semester.

Some youngsters turning up for appointments hadn’t had their haircut in 10 years because their parents couldn’t afford the luxury.

Now Michelle wants to help pupils stand a little taller as they begin their lessons again one snip at a time.

She was inspired after noticing she had some empty spaces in her diary and decided to fill them with the free appointments.

Michelle said: “I know some people can feel embarrassed about these things so I scattered the appointments so customers didn’t know who was paying and who wasn’t.

“So far I have done at least 30 kids but the list keeps growing, I have had to stay late to accommodate but it was worth it.

“I want all the kids to go to back to school feeling excited and confident.

“It breaks my heart that some parents can’t afford to get their children a haircut.

“I didn’t expect to get the response I got I don’t want any glory myself and I just think it’s nice to give something back if you can.

“I recognise that some families struggle to get all the school items, clothes and then they have hair appointments still to make but can’t find the money.

“I have worked in the salon for 20 years, you meet everyone, it isn’t just parents out of work who have tough times it’s those in work too.

“I just wanted to put back into the community by sharing a bit of love and kindness since I am fortunate enough to be in a position to do that this week.

“The best part was seeing the kids smile after leaving the salon, some hadn’t had a haircut in 10 years.

“It makes you realised how blessed you really are.”