MINDLESS thugs broke into Cumnock Bowling club causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

The yobs smashed windows leaving shattered glass over the green and indoor seating area before making off with charity tins.

Club President Steven Lowrie , 25, has been left disgusted by the thieves who he fears will strike again.

After the alarm was raised at around 11.40pm on Sunday night, Steven went down to the club to help tidy the mess.

The vandals also ripped the bar shutter from the ceiling a while trashing the community space before running off with charity donations.

Steven said: “Last night at about 11.40pm the alarm went off and a neighbour saw people climb out the window.

“They phoned the police and I went down to see what was going on.

“I tried to tidy up some of the mess up I didn’t want to leave it for our members.

“It’s a real bummer because this has happened before.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“They have caused a lot of damage and will be lucky if they even got £100 out the charity tin.

“ They smashed two windows and the shutter off the bar.

“I reckon it’s the same people who have done this before because they knew exactly where everything was.

“The grill from the shutter has been pulled off so we need to open the ceiling to see how to fix it and get a new one.

“I think it could cost thousands to repair damages.

“I’m gutted of course, who would want to steal a charity tin? It is really the lowest of the low.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“All bowling greens are great places, I don’t know why people think to break into them, it is really beyond me.

“I’m worried this might spur them on to try again and next time they might do something worse.

“We will still be open but we need to make the place safe so nobody gets injured with the amount of glass everywhere.

“It was all over the grass on the green and over the seats inside, I’ve been tidying it up so people can still come along.”