AN OCHILTREE schoolgirl was left stunned after having her dream of qualifying for a major horse riding show come true.

Erin McGee, 12, was shocked to find out she would be taking part in the British Showjumping National Championships this year.

The excited youngster has been riding horses for years but has only been performing at a more advanced level for a year.

Now Erin and her pal, talented Dana Simpson,13, who also qualified for the major competition, are heading to Stoneleigh in Warwickshire to show off their skills.

Erin is following in her mum’s footsteps, who also used to compete in the sport.

Now the schoolgirl is preparing to take her horse to the nationals and is most looking forward to making the big jumps.

She said: “I’m really happy and excited now I get to go down to Stoneleigh.

“I have been riding for about three years, my mum used to ride and she got me started.

“I liked it right away.

“I am most excited to jump at the competition but I am nervous.

“It was a big surprise to get through, I didn’t think I would but it was a good surprise.”

“It is good I get to go down with my friend that makes it even better.”

Erin’s mum Michelle Tait, 37 is gushing with pride and can’t wait till the competition.

Michelle said: “It is the National Championships so the full of Britain compete.

“The girls are in the Scotland team, we are really excited for them.

“We are over the moon and just so proud she has only been properly riding at this level for a year so it is great.

“I used to ride, I still do a bit but now it’s Erin’s turn.”