MINDLESS vandals have been branded ‘shameless’ after setting fires and smashing Buckfast bottles at a popular Ayrshire tourist destination.

Local residents have been left furious after the yobs left broken glass and rubbish all over Loch Doon.

A good Samaritan was left stunned to discover the mess and took it upon themselves to tidy up the space for other visitors.

They took bin bags and gathered the trash by themselves and blasted the vandals for having ‘zero respect’.

The angry resident said: “Extremely angered by this today.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“Visited the fairly remote Loch Doon Castle today, to find this mess, and scorchmarks caused by fires.

“Some people have zero respect for their environment, history, culture and fellow citizens.

“We went back to the car for a bin bag, and spent half an hour clearing up what we could, couldn’t do much with the scorch marks and wood, and got the worst of the broken glass bottles.

Absolutely shameful.”

Locals were quick to agree with the good Samaritan as they shared their outrage.

One person said: “Some people just don’t care, they don’t recognise their heritage or value it, but at least you did something about it, most people would have shrugged their shoulders, moaned but walked away, you didn’t.”

Cumnock Chronicle:

Another person added: “I was there on Sunday, there was some rubbish, but that’s awful.”

Someone else replied: “It is just so hard to believe.”

Another added: “These people are everywhere. No respect or decency.”

East Ayrshire Corporate Enforcement said: “Officers have been continuing to patrol Loch Doon to remind visitors to keep the areaclean and tidy.

“Please ensure that you take your waste home with you so that everyone can enjoy the area"