A MAN is convinced he spotted a tornado in Muirkirk.

He was left stunned after watching clouds form at the corner of Henderson drive and Colthart drive.

Taking to social media he posted a video of the 'tornado' to ask others what they thought.

In the post he said: "Am I tripping b**** or is that a small tornado forming over the hills"

He added: " Pity I couldn't get a better video of it, it looked like it was pretty close to touching the ground."

Punters were quick to reply to the footage with their thoughts.

One said: "Yup, actually not that uncommon over the Clyde basin, the Holy Loch or any of the sound of Bute.

"Occasionally they can touch down over the water sometimes causing small water spouts or more often just flinging water around as it doesn't have the strength to form a proper spout.

"I was about 14 the first time I saw one.

Another agreed: "Looks like it."

Watch his video here. (credit to Samantha Cain)