DRIVERS have been left confused in Mauchline now electric charges have been installed over disabled parking spaces.

ChargePlace Scotland made the announcement yesterday that brand new charging ports would be installed at Loudon Street in Mauchline as well as Tanyard car park in Cumnock.

But residents are ‘scared’ to use the facility in case they get a ticket since the spaces are marked as disabled only.

They have been left scratching their ends and asking if the charging is for disabled people only, or if diabled people would get a ticket for using the space but not to charge.

One confused resident said: “Why are the Mauchline ones marked as disabled only?

“If it’s staying like that it needs explanatory signage because at the moment I’d be scared to charge there as your could legitimately get a ticket.

“Likewise, a disabled person could legitimately get a ticket if they weren’t charging an EV!”

It comes after ChargePlace Scotland revealed: “NEW CHARGE POINT ALERT! 50kW rapid chargers now available at Loudon Street, “Mauchline, KA5 5BE and Tanyard car park, Cumnock, KA18 1DP.”

They have been contacted by the Cumnock Chronicle for further comment about who can access the spaces.