The fourth Logan Gala Week was a huge success.

The Gala Day, which started with a colourful parade, rounded off a fabulous week of competitive events.

Finley Aitken was crowned Gala Queen by her predecessor, Maryse McGuire. Gala King Alex Blackwood was presented with his sceptre by last year’s king, Mason McDougall. Princess Ellie Keegans and Prince Ollie Goudie made up the rest of the Royal Party.

Committee member, Kerri Haining, said: “This year we hosted a parade which our village hasn’t seen for many years.

“Massive thank you to Councillor Jim McMahon for his attendance and helping with our compere on stage and Provost Jim Todd for his attendance. Massive thank you to John Haining for allowing us to use the Glenmuir Arms throughout the week and on our Gala Day.

“Huge thanks to everyone who gave donations and helped throughout the week and on the day – so many to name. Thank you very much. Here’s to Logan Gala 2020.”

Competition winners were: Family Rounders and Football Night - Finley Aitken, Ryley Haining, Jai Blackhurst and Corey Allen; Car Treasure Hunt – David Blackhurst, Alex Blackwood, Scott Millin, Jai Blackhurst, Alex Blackwood Jnr, Jaxson Blackwood and Lyle Bryce; Bowling –Colin Whigham, Kerri Haining, Ronnie Kelly and Eddie Findlay; Fancy dress – Donna and Eddie Findlay and Hugo the dog.