A swan had to be put to sleep after it was found injured in Catrine recently.

The Scottish SPCA was called out to the nature reserve after a member of the public spotted the male swan seemingly having problems with its wing.

Staff from the charity had difficulty trying to catch the bird and had to make several visits to the reserve before the bird was eventually contained.

Local rumours that the swan had been attacked by a person could not be confirmed by Police Scotland or the Scottish SPCA.

Scottish SPCA inspector Alistair Hill said: “We can confirm we attended an incident at Catrine Nature Reserve involving an injured swan.

“We were alerted by a member of the public who had noticed the swan having difficulties with one of his wings.

“As the swan was still mobile, it took a huge effort to catch him. It took several return visits and multiple members of our team, plus the invaluable help of the local residents.

“Once we managed to contain the swan, we took him for immediate veterinary attention. Sadly, his injuries were too severe, and he had to be put to sleep.”