Angry families who have been forced to remove a kids’ playpark have raised over £450 to save their park.

Last week the Chronicle reported that parents and grandparents in Cronberry had clubbed together and raised around £1,000 to build a small playpark on land donated by a local farmer.

But following a local complaint to East Ayrshire Council, the families were ordered to remove the equipment on the basis that the park is on land that is for agricultural use.

The families have now started a Facebook fundraiser to raise the £600 required to change the use of the land.

Gerry Morrison, one of the grandparents involved in setting up the playpark, vowed to “keep the fight up”.

He told the Chronicle: “What’s going to happen here is it’s going to get cleared first then we’re hoping to change the use of the land from agricultural.

“There’s been a lot of response in the town, people in the shops have been talking to us. It might bring the person who reported it out the woodwork.

“It’s just horrible. You can’t believe that somebody’s stooped that low. I don’t know how they can live with themselves.”

The fundraiser states: “We are raising money to save our park in Cronberry that parents and grandparents built with our own money.

“The council are closing it down due to a fee not being paid to turn the donated land from agriculture to residential that we did not know we needed to pay.

“The fee is £600.

“If this is not paid to the council, they will remove the kids’ swing sets, slides, trampolines, see-saws etc and close it down leaving our kids with nothing.”

Do you want to help the families save their park?