A PREGNANT nursery teacher is determined to cycle miles to make sure a Cumnock dog shelter can have urgent repairs.

Shelley McMaster, 26, had been planning a major sponsored cycle to raise money for Islay Dog Rescue char it y who desperately need new kennels and electric works.

Kind Shelley was about to take on the huge cycle round Islay, the island the shelter is named after, to raise cash but had to come up with new plans after falling pregnant with her first baby.

But the 24-week pregnant nursery teacher is refusing to give up and is instead just moving her cycle to Millport.

Shelley said: “We were really excited when we found out but we didn’t tell anyone till after 12 weeks. I’m not a proper cyclist or anything, I like a good walk but I couldn’t actually tell you the last time I was on a bike.

“So now I’m pregnant we decided to pick an easier route that is a bit flatter with less miles.

“My partner is coming with me so if I get too tired or sore or it gets too much he will take over so either way at least someone will finish it.

“I considered cancelling it but I’m sure it will be fine and I’m not daft, if it’s too much or painful he will take over for me so one of us will definitely do it for the dogs.”

Cumnock Chronicle:

Shelley has been volunteering for over three years and will still devote herself to helping save more dogs.

It comes as the life-saving charity was forced to the brink of closure due to a massive shortfall in volunteers meaning they can’t save any more dogs from ‘death row’.

They are now calling on the public to come forward and volunteer or donate to save the charity which has rehomed over 600 dogs from all over the world.

Shelley is hoping the money from her cycle will make sure they can keep doing their great work and has no plans to give up on the dogs.

She said: “I’m determined to do the cycle though my friends keep saying I should wind down but I just want to use my energy while it is still up.

“I will take it easy soon but right now I am still volunteering with the dogs I’d miss them too much not too!”