A CUMNOCK teenager is believed to be the only Scottish Junior to qualify for the UK bodybuilding championships.

It comes after Lauryn Jess, 19, scooped first place in the Scot Championships for the bikini fitness category.

She started lifting weights when she was just 14 after being fascinated by the glamorous pageants she spotted on TV.

Her biggest dream is to compete in America alongside her idols at Olympia and is now on a mission to make sure that happens.

Now she is heading to the British championships to represent Cumnock and Scotland to prove she has what it takes to be the best.

Cumnock Chronicle:

Lauryn said: “I started getting into bodybuilding when I was younger and loved it right away.

“I really enjoy all the training and seeing what my body is capable of, it is a real challenge.

“I also enjoy the more glamorous side of it with the tan and bikini it can be a real sparkly event.

“Since then I have been training and building muscle so I can keep competing.

“I compete in bikini class which is toned and light muscle.

“You walk out and do poses in front of the judges from the back and sides.

“You also do comparisons with the other girls then get picked to do a walk with poses in a routine.

content but with muscles.

“The judges don’t just judge on muscle they also look at your make up, tan and hair.

“The biggest challenge for me is the diet because you need to eat a lot.

“I have five meals a day packed with chicken, veg, and rice.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“You can’t have chocolate or anything like that for eight weeks before the show but it is all worth it in the end.

“My dream is to compete in America at the big shows like Olympia, hopefully one day that is something I get to experience.”

Lauryn’s mum Lea said: “I am so proud of her she works so hard for it.

“I just thought it isn’t something you see very often a local teenager getting into bodybuilding and doing so well with it.

“We are really excited for the next competition.”

United Kingdom Bodybuilding Fitness Federation said :”Stunning Lauryn Jess showed potential in the juniors, where her tall, athletic shape earned an invite to the British Championships.”