A RECLUSE who gave up on his future after his dads suicide has become one of Prince Charles favourite Butlers.

Stuart Banks, 29, gave up on school at 12 after he was left heartbroken over his dad’s tragic death.

But now the inspiring Butler is a duty hospitality manager at Dumfries House making sure extravagant weddings and events go perfectly - and he personally serves the Duke of Rothesay during visits to the estate.

Stuart was shocked to land his dream job after alienating himself for years feeling hopeless and finding it hard to become excited about opportunities.

His school attendance plummeted as he became depressed and struggled to leave his bedroom forcing him to leave education at just 14-years-old with no qualifications and in his mind, no future.

Desperate to get his life on track Stuart stumbled across a five week hospitality course at Dumfries House and was determined to do his best after being ‘caught up in the magic’ of the estate.

He was stunned to be offered three jobs, and within his first week working served the Prince himself.

Cumnock Chronicle:

The Duke of Rothesay was so impressed with him he then requested he be flown to Buckingham Palace to serve at his 65th birthday party - just one month on the job.

Now Stuart, who has been working at the royal estate for six years, wants to let others know it’s never too late to seize opportunities despite your past or mental health issues.

He said: “When the Royal Highness is up I am one of his main servers. I had been unemployed for a year and a half before I started here which consisted of me sitting in the house, I just left.

“I did a course in the hospitality centre and at that point I had been unemployed for most of my adult life, I thought I’d missed all my opportunities but I was inspired.

“When I started it was very overwhelming but the fear was outweighed by the changes that were happening in my personality and how it was making me feel being out socialising.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“Looking back I do regret the years I wasted but I’ve learned a lot from it. Every year at home felt like more progress I was missing out on in my life, another year not making friends, another year not doing anything really.

“My childhood was brilliant, my dad was the sweetest man, the life and soul of the party. He was my hero and I was extremely proud of him. It was rough losing my dad, it felt like the worst thing possible.

“I feel so fortunate to be given the chance here and have all this support and how this place has changed me.

“I’m not from a place where we speak really proper or dress the best, I had never even seen a black tie event before Dumfries House.

“But when I arrived here it was the role I became I got into it right away and just caught away in the magic of it.

“From going to a reclusive sacred to speak to anyone to opening the door to every guest that comes to Dumfries House is incredible."