THE family of a murdered Ayrshire teen are terrified they are going to be confronted by her vicious killer.

Michelle Stewart, 17, was butchered in Drongan by her evil ex John Wilson in a furious knife attack in 2008 because she had refused to talk to him.

Now her family are being forced to live in fear after he was 'spotted back on the streets' of their hometown.

An apparent 'sighting' of the killer in Prestwick has left her loved ones feel they must ‘restrict’ their movements to avoid being faced with the beast.

The thug is believed to have been be freed temporarily so he can attend his sister's boyfriends funeral after serving just nine years of his minimum 12-year life sentence. 

Now her sister Lisa Stewart hit out over her anxiety and ‘extreme disappointment’ over how 'unfair' the situation is on the family.

Writing to Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf begging for answers and to be assured she won’t see her sister's killer.

She said: “We have consistently expressed our concern about being put in a position of coming into contact with John Wilson when he is in the area and how this is unfair on us to have to be put in this position.  

“In your communication in response to this you advised he was in work placement between HMP Greenock and Barlinnie and you guaranteed we would not come into contact with him on that route.

“Now today a local person has seen him in Prestwick which I assume is for his FGTR visits.

Lisa added: “So once again we could quite easily be put in the position of literally bumping into him. 

“In fact Steven and I did consider going to Prestwick with our kids today but then changed our minds- thank goodness but is it fair that our lives are being hindered given we are law abiding citizens. 

“I find I am now restricted in my movements in my local area as once again there has been no prior warning given that he is in the area. 

“ I understand that he has rights but we also have rights and given we are not the ones who have committed a murder we should not be the ones that are having our lives disrupted and restricted.

“I am extremely disappointed given we have expressed our concerns to you directly and had your assurance that you would deal with the matter that we have once again been put in this position.

Wicked Wilson was 20-years-old when he was given a life sentence for the sinister attack. 

Judge Lord Brailsford ordered the thug to serve at least 12 years before he can apply for parole.

But her heartbroken dad, Kenny senior, said outside of court: "We feel that Michelle has been let down by the justice system.

"I expected a 17 year sentence at least for every year of Michelle's life." 

He added: "When you get to 17 or 18 you have the world in front of you, but now its been taken away from her."

The Scottish Government said: “The Cabinet Secretary has met Michelle’s family on two occasions and fully understands the concerns they have.

“We want a criminal justice system that puts the needs of victims at its centre, which is why we have consulted on proposals which include elements of the Michelle’s Law recommendations such as the use of exclusion zones to improve the openness and transparency of parole and strengthen the victim's voice in the parole process.

"Temporary release is an important part of the rehabilitation process which helps the Parole Board assess whether someone is ready to be released back into the community and all prisoners are dealt with in accordance with that regime. 

“We have introduced new legislation which improves electronic monitoring capabilities and will have the potential to monitor exclusion zones in new ways, improving how monitoring is done and providing greater reassurance for victims.

“We are currently analysing responses to the consultation and will report the findings and any actions arising from it in due course.”