EAST Ayrshire residents are being warned to stay safe near water this Summer.

Scottish Water has revealed its four-step Drowning Prevention plan to raise awareness of accidental deaths in water at this time of year.

The campaign follows the tragic death of 18-year-old Brandon Patton at Loch Doon in May.

The teenager lost his life after getting into difficulty whilst swimming in the loch on a hot day.

Water bosses say whether at the beach or taking a dip in a loch, the water safety code advice plan as follows:

Stop and think: Water is always moving; the water is colder than you think; edges can be dangerous; there may be dangers under the water.

Stay Together: Never swim alone; Find a place to go where help is available; Plan your activity by weather; tide times etc.

Float: If you fall in, float until you feel calm; signal for help by raising one hand in the air and shouting for help; If you can, swim to safety, or hold onto something that floats; keep warm if you can’t swim by using the huddle position.

Councillor Gordon Jenkins, Cabinet Member for Management and Resources, said: “East Ayrshire Council’s Health and Safety team have been working closely with our community planning partners to ensure that people are aware of the dangers of outdoor bodies of water.

“The team have supported drowning prevention week by reinforcing water safety messages locally. They also visited schools prior to the summer holidays with colleagues from Police Scotland to ensure that our young people understand how dangerous it is to jump into lochs, reservoirs or quarries.

“The effects of cold water shock is one of the main causes of drowning in Scotland, it affects your ability to swim and self-rescue. Combining alcohol and water activities is also incredibly dangerous with the presence of alcohol or drugs contributing to at least one in five of all adult drowning deaths.”