South Scotland MSP Brian Whittle toured an international aerospace company at Prestwick Airport.

Aero Fastener provides production kits to some of the world’s leading aircraft maintenance and aircraft manufacturers.

Mr Whittle was given a tour of the company’s site and shown how individual component kits are put together with a diagram of where each specific fastener should be used.

Brian Whittle MSP said: “People don’t always appreciate how many stages there are in building a plane or how many different individual components are required just to hold the thing together.

“Most people will never have heard of Aero Fastener but there’s a good chance many of us have flown on a plane that they’ve helped put together.

“With the coming investment from the Ayrshire Growth Deal and the prospect of a new owner for Prestwick Airport, it’s exciting to see how many world class companies like Aero Fastener are basing themselves here and looking towards how they can grow in the future.”