Old unused musical instruments could see a new lease of life helping dementia patients enjoy the benefits of music.

Staff at Marchburn Ward in East Ayrshire Community Hospital are setting up a music group to help relieve stress and distress among patients requiring specialist care for conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

To get the project off the ground they’re appealing to the local community to donate any unused musical instruments.

Staff Nurse John Davidson said: “We’ve already had a few donations, which is fantastic but if anyone has any instruments they no longer use, we’d love to re-purpose them for this music group. We’re looking in particular for acoustic guitars that are in working order or percussive instruments like tambourines or shakers.

“Through our experience we know the positive impact music has on patients with dementia – it is one of the only things that can penetrate the ‘dementia fog’. On the ward, music is a key element within our daily routine and with the group we hope to build on this positivity and see other patients benefit.”

To make a donation to the music group, please either drop it in to the Marchburn Ward or contact them on 01290 427201.