A MULTI-MILLION pound Auchinleck company gave the community a sneak peek behind the scenes.

EGGER Barony is East Ayrshire’s largest employer and opened its doors to the public to show the potential growth of the site during exclusive tours.

The wood recycling company unveiled traffic plans which could limit traffic restrictions on the site.

This would allow them to increase the use of lorry’s which would mean more productivity for the plant and the local economy.

Heiko Lichtblau, plant director technical/production at EGGER, said: “We are currently unable to reach our full potential due to our traffic movements being restricted to the hours of 6am to 10pm Monday to Saturday.

“The removal of these conditions would enable us to increase efficiency in our supply chain by being able to receive deliveries from our plant in Hexham for essential materials and allow us to increase our production and deliver the goods in a timeous fashion

“Since the plant opened in 1998 we have strived to be a good neighbour and we are confident that local residents will be assured that the slight increase in daily journeys will ease the current peak of congestion we experience first thing in the morning.”

EGGER will submit a planning application under Section 42 to East Ayrshire Council in the coming months to seek the removal of the traffic movements conditions.