A BRIDE’S dream came true when her seriously ill son finally got to walk her down the aisle.

Maxine Campbell, 30, never thought she would get the special moment with Jack as he suffers serious health problems and needed three major open heart surgeries.

Her and partner Michael Connelly, 30, have been together for 13 years and thought their big day would never come after putting plans on hold to look after the seven-year-old.

But after winning their dream £15k wedding at the Dumfries Arms in Cumnock, Maxine knew there was only one person who could get her down the aisle.

Cumnock Chronicle:

Brave Jack managed to climb out of his wheelchair to hold his mums hand as they walked together in front of stunned guests.

Now both Maxine and Michael are thrilled they have pictures and videos to treasure the special moment saying “not all families like ours get to have that”.

Jack was just five days old when he had his first 16 hour heart operation which he almost never survived several times.

Cumnock Chronicle:

He ended up needing feeding tubes, surgery on his eyes, ears, testicles, and stomach as he grew up.

But Maxine was left with a lump in her throat watching her little boy have the time of his life at the Dumfries Arms and being part of the special day after she nearly lost him so many times.

Maxine said: “Everyone kept saying to me in the morning, how do you feel, are you nervous, you are the most calm bride ever.

“I was just really calm I felt good, I didn’t get nervous until I had my dress on and I saw Jack.

“The wedding co-ordinator just said to me you can’t cry now, you are about to walk down the aisle and your hair and make up is all done.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“I just had a massive lump in my throat and I thought how am I going to be able to speak but as soon as I made it up to Michael that all went away and I was calm again.

“There will come a day Jack won’t be here with us, he isn’t guaranteed a heart transplant.

“You never know when that day will come. Now that is more real for us than ever.

“It may be sooner than we think.

“So it was really a dream to get that moment with Jack, we didn’t think we would ever have a big wedding so to finally be there and have my wee boy beside me was amazing.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“A lot of families like ours aren’t lucky enough to get that so it was really incredible, and now we have the video to remember it forever.

“The best part of the day for me was walking into the ceremony room and seeing everyone I cared about and seeing Michael even tearing up at the end of the aisle as me and Jack walked down together.

“Me and Jack also had our first dance after me and Michael which was a really special moment.

“It was a surprise for the guests who weren’t expecting it, everyone got really emotional seeing us on the dance floor together to Robbie Williams ‘I Love My Life’.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“Afterwards fully grown men came up to me sobbing saying ‘you’ve broke me’.

“Some guests were just hysterical because they knew everything we had been through and how hard it had been to make it to that moment, everyone was so proud of us.

“I think that was probably the highlight of everyone’s day.”