A PLANNED wedding proposal ended in disaster after a man violently attacked his girlfriend in a hotel room.

Jordon O’Neil’s rampage saw him pull clumps of hair from his girlfriend’s head after assaulting her on April 4.

The thug took his partner of six years to a friend’s wedding at the Lochside Hotel where he planned to pop the question.

But a fallout saw her leave the reception early for her room, only to be followed by her enraged boyfriend.

The 27-year-old of Collic Wynd in Glasgow threw the woman across the hotel room, dragging her from the bed and along the floor after berating her and calling her a cow.

Depute Fiscal Mr Scott Toal told the court: “The complainer and the accused had been in A relationship for six years prior to attending a wedding.

"They went to the wedding at the Lochside Hotel for a friend of the accused.

"The complainer had ended up alone at the wedding and annoyed at the accused for this.

"She asked for the room key.”

Cumnock Chronicle:

The woman went to the hotel room where she was joined by O’Neil who began hurling abuse at her.

Toal added: “Once in the room he was shouting at her calling her a cow.

"He seized her by the top of the arms and threw her onto the bed.

“He was pulling her hair causing clumps to come out, this was getting caught on his suit jacket.

"He was shouting at her face and dragging her back and forth between the bed and the bedroom floor.”

Neighbouring guests at the hotel could hear the commotion next door and immediately knew the woman was in trouble.

“People next door could hear shouting”, added Mr Toal. “They heard the complainer saying ‘get off me’ and ‘get out’.”

Hotel staff were contacted and used a master key to get into the room to find O’Neil standing over his partner and her head between his knees.

They took them both downstairs to the reception and waited for police to arrive before O’Neil was arrested.

His solicitor Mr Colin Adam told the court: “This is the polar opposite of what was supposed to happen.

"He was intending to propose that night, and on the night of the wedding the relationship was well on track.

“He accepts the relationship is at an end and they have no involvement now.”

Sheriff Desmond Leslie told O’Neil he could have landed himself in jail but instead fined him £350 for the offence. He told him: “It’s extraordinary behaviour.

Whether you have trouble with alcohol or in certain circumstances you need to address that.

“This is a matter that could have quite easily resulted in injury, or a custodial sentence.

“If you have issues you see your doctor and ensure this doesn’t repeat itself.”

O’Neil will pay back his fine at £100 per month.