A CAT was almost killed after being shot in the stomach with a crossbow.

SSPCA officers are appealing for information after the cruel culprit took aim atthe catin Cumnock, leaving it with a bolt hanging from its abdomen on June 22.

The shocking act comes just weeks after a similar incident when a cat was shot with a slug gun in Logan on June 6.

Owner Janey Berry told the Chronicle: “He disappeared for a couple of days and then came home.

“My partner was clapping him and felt a wee lump, that’s when I saw the .22 slug pellet half sticking out.

“I was absolutely livid, there’s loads of animals about my area and they all just roam. “It was worrying whether it was going to do damage, it was quite scary.

“It’s hard to think who it is or even where it happened – you know what cats are like they wander quite far.”

Scottish SPCA animal rescue officer Euan Douglas appealed for information on the crossbow incident.

He said: “The cat had been shot with a bright green crossbow bolt which was still protruding from its side.

“We attended the location and scoured the area but couldn’t find the cat.

“There was a second sighting a few streets away, so the cat was still mobile despite the serious injury.

“We are very thankful to the local community who also tried to contain the cat, but to no avail.

“This was a deliberate and incredibly cruel attempt to wound, or kill, this cat. We believe it’s the second incident of this kind in the last month. The person or persons re sponsible must be caught before they do this again.

“We are working closely with Police Scotland in this instance due to the criminal nature of the act.

“We haven’t yet managed to locate the owner so if you think this is your cat or you have any information on the incident, please contact our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999 or Police Scotland on 101.”