GHOST hunters broke into Glaisnock House in the middle of the night to try and film paranormal activity.

The Our Haunted Scotland Project set out to investigate Cumnock’s abandoned mansion - armed with their spirit reader and strong nerves.

As part of their homemade documentary series they targeted the derelict house visiting it both during the day then again at night.

They first show themselves wander around the grounds in broad daylight and give a brief history of the place before returning again at nightfall to give a much creepier tour.

The team film themselves walking towards through the woods towards the massive empty building at 12:36am on April 20.

They then crawl through a gap in the door and start exploring the place in the pitch dark with nothing but torches lighting their way.

Cumnock Chronicle:

The group includes James, Alan, and Simon who are determined to interact with spirits at the house.

Simon leads the investigation and uses an EMF meter to gauge if there is an ‘abnormal presence’ in the room by calling out to any potential ghosts.

Alan and James are both cameramen trying to catch something on footage and help try and detect any spirits.

They get lost within the house several times as they tour the property which looks extremely run down and potentially dangerous throughout the documentary.

They share rumours of past people who allegedly died in the house along with guesses to why the owners have left the place in ruin.

Cumnock Chronicle:

The team claim to detect several thuds, bangs, and mysterious shapes during their hunt as their EMF meter lights up at multiplehotspots within the house.

This includes the mansion’s basement that seems to be a popular area for poltergeists according to their research.

The creepy footage shows them sneak around the house calling out to spirits that they claim ‘push’ them out of the way and make themselves clear.

We recently told how terrified neighbours to thehotspots within the house.

mansion told the Cumnock Chronicle how they have been living in fear watching up to 30 youths flock to the ‘drink and drug den’ every night.

They branded the mansion a ‘death trap’ and said it is only a matter of time until someone is killed.

It has been boarded up by the council out of safety fears.