A CUMNOCK carer has been struck off for abusing a patient.

Margaret Kirk was a senior carer at Nightingale House on 154 Main St, Auchinleck, Cumnock when she slapped a man in her care.

She tried to force the victim to ‘stand against his will’ and attempted to tip the chair he was sitting in after shouting “get up, it’s your bedtime”.

Kirk also put her hands on his back and arm, pushing him from the lounge to the dining room after he refused to walk to his bed.

The offences took place on or around January 17 2018.

At a hearing of the Scottish Social Services Council, it was heard that the victim was a quiet partially deaf man who liked to do his own thing and used hand gestures to communicate.

The Panel was provided with a copy of his support plan, which clearly stated that at night time he was allowed to spend time in the lounge if he didn’t want to go to bed.

The report said his space and his wishes should be respected.

But after the pair got caught in a struggle dur ing a row about bedtime it was claimed he had tried to “headbutt”


A witness was left ‘shocked’ to see Kirk, who was a senior member of staff, handle the incident by issuing a ‘proper slap’ which 'stunned’ the victim.

The violent behaviour left her stripped of her job and was told she put the man’s ‘physical, psychological and emotional harm’ at risk.

The SSSC report stated:“Your behaviour was serious.

“It involved a significant breach of trust.

"Your behaviour represents a serious departure from the standards set out in the Code in place at the time.

“It represents unacceptable behaviour.

“ There are public protection and public interest concerns.

“Your actions demonstrate a serious disregard for your duties and responsibilities as a social service worker.

“Social service workers who abuse the trust which society places in them should lose the privilege that comes with Registration.

"It was the view of the Panel that your behaviour, without insight shown, renders you unfit to be a member of a caring and responsible profession.”