MUMS are being given a boost to help break down breastfeeding barriers.

The integrated infant feeding team are delighted to be testing a model which helps new mums feed their babies.

It brings together maternity and health visiting services, infantfeeding teams and peer supporters from the Breastfeeding Network to form an integrated infant feeding team.

This team is dedicated to supporting mothers to breastfeed newborn babies in a way that reflects their individual experiences and needs withinthe first two days of their babies being born.

The pilot will focus on babies born by Caesarean section initially, and support will also be available for mums and babies admitted to the neonatal unit.

Elaine Moore , Lead Midwife Maternal and Infant Nutrition said: “For many women, breastfeeding is straight forward and they can breastfeed for as long as they wish without any significant challenges.

“However, there are things than can make it more difficult such as if baby was born by C-section, or if baby is unwell or premature. What many women may not know is that with the right support, they can still breastfeed regardless of how baby was born, or if their baby is premature or unwell and many challenges can be overcome.”

During the pilot, mums will get a phone call from one of the Breastfeeding Network (BfN) peer supporters within 48 hours (two days) of going home from Ayrshire Maternity Unit (AMU). The peer supporters will offer support by phone and arrange a home visit.

The peer supporters are all women who have experience of breastfeeding their own children.

They will look into whether mums need extra support from the Mater nity or Community Infant Feeding Nurses and give one-to-one support, for those who need it, for up to six or eight weeks after families get home from hospital.

Amy Bryson, Community Peer Support Coordinator said: “The home visits are easy-going, relaxed and are made to suit mums and families in the comfort of their own home.”

If you have any questions about the service or wish to chat to one of Breastfeeding Network (BfN) peer supporters please call 01563 825403.