STAGECOACH have been blasted by another angry customer who claims they put ‘profits in front of people’.

Elizabeth Drain, 57, has been left struggling to see family and feeling stranded in Mauchline after the bus giant axed the direct Cumnock to Glasgow service.

The loss of the direct bus left many residents feeling isolated and ignored as they relied on it to get to the city centre.

Although it was replaced with a new service made up of connections from Kilmarnock many customers have been left unhappy branding the new route ‘an unreliable nightmare’.

Now Elizabeth is asking for the bus to return and challenging the decision to remove the direct X76 in the first place.

She said: “I try to meet up with my sister often in Glasgow.

“I look and check the timetables but the connection to Glasgow is always away before I can catch it and I need to wait for the next.

“We travel to Glasgow about once a fortnight and we almost never can catch a connection.

“I don’t know why they don’t just keep the direct service most people are just off at Kilmarnock and straight to the connection, which is usually missed, why not just let everyone stay on the bus and take them through to Glasgow.

“It definitely got used there’s so many people who relied on the direct service it was always busy.

“The 4.15 bus back isalways mobbed people people need to stand.

“Stagecoach made out that the connections would make it be a better service but it’s really not at all.

“They have no competition so they can do what they want.

“It feels like they put profit in front of what people need. It is like us folk in Mauchline don’t count so it’s okay to isolate us.

“Don’t get me wrong onthe X76 there was people that got off at Kilmarnock but loads of people still went all t he way t o Glasgow.

“There’s no chance the bus would be left empty if they returned the direct route, it definitely get used.

“Why can’t the bus from Cumnock to Kilmarnock just continue on that solve everything.

“In winter it’s terrible being left stranded waiting on the connections.

“ I don’t go to Glasgow as much as I used to it was no bother before but now it’s a massive trek and means I can’t see my sister as often now.

“There’s not much to do in Cumnock or Kilmarnock so getting out into Glasgow important.

“It wouldn’t be so bad if we had an train station but we don’t even have that.

It’s not fair.”

Stagecoach refused to comment.