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EU Elections LAST week, the SNP won the European election here in Ayrshire and right across Scotland with people voting emphatically to reject Brexit.

This is the biggest European election win for any party ever seen in Scotland. Winning 3 of 6 available seats in Scotland is simply phenomenal and I wish our SNP MEPs well in representing Scotland’s interests in Europe.

Meanwhile, in London we have a Tory Prime Minster who has signalled her intention to stand down after a disastrous three years in charge.

What is perhaps more alarming is who her successor might be.

Scotland deserves better than this Westminster system that isn’t working – it’s no wonder more and more people believe Scotland’s future should be as independent country within the EU.

An independence referendum within this parliamentary term will give Scotland the opportunity to choose to be an independent European nation - rather than have a Brexit future imposed upon us.

Throughout the Brexit process, Scotland has been treated with contempt by Westminster, and our efforts to find compromise and protect the interests of the people of Scotland, who voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, have been ignored.

The Scottish Government will seek agreement to a transfer of power at an appropriate point to enable an independence referendum that is beyond challenge to be held later in this parliament.

It is essential the UK Government recognises that it would be a democratic outrage if it seeks to block such a referendum – indeed, any such stance would prove to be utterly unsustainable.

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