A BUDDING musician has seen his debut single storm the charts, beating Snow Patrol – in the same week he welcome his baby boy.

Hospital worker John Davidson says he is ‘stunned’ after his single ‘Floodlit’ climbed the charts, close behind Lewis Capaldi, as he and wife Elianna , 34, welcomed their third child, a boy named John.

The 35-year-old launched the single to help raise money to buy flood lights for Auchinleck Talbot’s Beechwood Park.

Now he has been left shocked at the overwhelming response to the song after the community rallied round him and his band John and the Hormones, to support the cause.

John said: “The song has come out and it really has had a fantastic response.

“Everyone in the village has gotten right behind it to support me and the club.

“People are stopping me in Tesco and down at the school to say congratulations and that they like the song which has been really brilliant.

“It has been a surreal week because my wife just gave birth as well to our third baby.

“The official music video got over three thousand views in the first few days and the making of video got over 5,000.

“It has honestly been quite incredible.

“It peaked in the alternative iTunes chart at number 26 which was fantastic.”

The Auchinleck Talbot fan wanted to do something for his club after they had been so kind to his family over the years.

They encouraged his dream of being a musician when he was younger by offering him and band mates a free rehearsal space.

“I’m a massive fan so anything I can do for them is brilliant.

“They really deserve the new lights and every single penny that song makes will go towards that.

“I was at work at the hospital when one of the other boys in the band said have you seen this and I couldn’t believe it as I watched it climb the charts.

“It has just been really so cool to see people enjoy my music.”