EAST AYRSHIRE dog owners could be unaware of their pet’s mobility issues, a study has found.

Around 81 per cent of Scots believe their dogs slowing down is just a sign on old age, but experts are warning that is not always the case.

To help owners identify whether their dog is experiencing joint stiffness or mobility issues, Lintbells launched the first ever ‘He’s more than fortunate not to have been injured’ National Dog Mobility Awareness event this week.

They urge dog owners to ‘PAWS’ and check the four key areas where such changes could manifest such as in their posture, attitude, willingness and generally slowing down.

Vet Rachel Hylt on, speaking on behalf of Lintbells, said:“Mobility issues can develop at any time in a dog’s life and if the change is gradual, you may not notice it happening at all, so it is important to continuously assess their mobility.”

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