A MUIRKIRK man came close to hurting a woman and child with a Buckfast bottle as he recklessly threw it across their street.

Kenneth Wylie of Cothart Drive said he was aiming for a bin when he launched the glass bottle across his driveway on March 27.

It smashed right next to a woman caring for her infant granddaughter as they were walking by into their car.

The woman instantly phoned the police as the 45-year-old halfwit narrowly missed them risking injury from the flying shards of glass.

Depute Fiscal Lindzi Bayne told Ayr Sheriff Court: “They were neighbours. The complainer was with her 20 month old grandchild. She heard a smashing noise and saw a smashed Buckfast bottle.

“The accused had flung the bottle from the driveway area.

"The complainer observed the accused picking up large pieces of glass and told him ‘it’s too late, I’ve phoned the police’.”

“The accused replied ‘I didn’t mean to throw it there. I meant to throw it in the bin.’

"Police arrived and he was cautioned and charged.”

Defending Wylie, his solicitor Mr Ian Gillies explained that his client has been going through quite a difficult period of his life and that more help would support him going forward.

He also reiterated that it was not his intention to put anyone in danger when he threw the Buckfast bottle, but merely a failed attempt to dispose it.

Mr Gillies told the court: “He was trying to get it in the bin but threw too close to people nearby.”

Wylie was handed a Community Payback Order for the offence as an alternative to custody.

Sheriff Desmond Leslie told Wylie: “You’ll be subject to a Community Payback Order which will be supervised for 18 months.

“This could have turned out to be quite a serious matter.

"Fortunately for you it didn’t but you need to take some responsibility for it.”