A FAMILY are desperate to identify this mystery football team from 1893.

They want to know which squad these players belong to after finding a picture of a distan t relative.

Ruth Knight came across the snap and is now determined to get some answers.

She said: “My husband’s grandfather wa s William Ward, who lived in Ochiltree and has the ball sitting at his feet.

“The family are trying to find out which team he belonged to.

“He married at age 22 to Jeanie McCrorie in 1893.

“Can anyone help us with this please."

Figuring out the missing piece of the puzzle could identify the club and let the family know more about their heritage.

Do you have the answer? Do you someone who might? Help us ask around and let Ruth know which uniform the players are sporting.

If you think you know which team it is, or have any information that could help the family solve the mystery? If so get in touch!