CHILDREN as young as 10-years-old are drinking and smoking at Glaisnock House, according to its terrified neighbours.

Locals who live near the abandoned mansion have now shared the nightmare ordeal youths force them to experience every day in Cumnock.

They have asked to remain anonymous out of fear of being targeted but are coming forward with horror stories including having doors launched at them and having their dogs’ paws slashed on broken bottles.

The frustrated neighbours are now begging someone takes action for the privately owned ‘death trap’ which has been listed as a dangerous building.

One neighbour said: “I had a run in with three boys recently who had been smashing the place up and they threw a door out the window that nearly hit my pregnant dog.

“The house has been wrecked with all the folk going in and out, they have completely destroyed the place.

“Young people are constantly hanging out and drinking there, I’ve seen kids as young as 10 head down to the place.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“This needs to be highlighted because someone is going to end up dead.

“When I first moved up it was still perfect with really nice windows, now it couldn’t be more wrecked, it’s a real shame.

“I’ve seen up to 30 people head down at once it’s terrifying.

“It’s a death trap, they hadto a board it all up but the kids are still getting access into it.

“They come around every night it’s a nightmare.”

Another outraged neighbour said: “My boy stays in the flats and his dog is always getting her pads cut with the glass, they are even sticking broken bottles upright in the grass.

"If it’s not a dog that gets badly injured it’s going to be a kid falling on the glass.”