AN ACCLAIMED author has donated a magical new novel study pack to support schools and improve literacy around Scotland during Book Week Scotland.

Author Angela Proctor is determined to ‘make sure that Scotland continues to be a world leader in creativity’ and has launched her new series in Cumnock.

She has now created an educational pack to go along with her enchanting Thumble Tumble adventure series, set on the Isle of Arran, to help kids learn while charging their creative skills.

The pack will now be rolled out across Scotland to all primary schools, but lucky local children got a sneak peak.

Speaking on making the pack available to all Scottish schools, AH Proctor said: “The imagination and creativity that inspires the future generations of authors, playwrights, poets and songwriters, is born from the inspiration and education we discover in our childhood.

“Indeed, my successful Thumble Tumble adventure series would never have been possible without the magical experiences I had at school as a child.”

Through the Novel Study Packs children will discover the magical world of Thumble Tumble - an extraordinary little witch on her many adventures on the Isle of Arran.

Aimed at Primary 4-6, the fun and engaging activities within the pack explore tools for reading, words and phrases, characterisation, listening activities, creating texts and more.

The Thumble Tumble books are highly acclaimed by children, teachers, librarians and leading bookstores.