A SELFLESS man plans on living like a rescue dog for 24-hours after shelter pups saved his life.

Aaron Clancy 22, is on a mission to live the dog life to let people know how lonely it get in a cage.

It comes after he found himself on a downward spiral that left him battling mental health issues before spotting an advert looking for volunteers at the Islay Dog Shelter in Cumnock.

He decided to throw himself into helping the animals three days a week which he says ‘has filled a massive hole in his life’.

Now the 6ft2 lad from Kilmarnock will squeeze into a dog kennel for an entire day if he reaches his fundraising target and plans to vlog the entire thing.

Aaron said: “I hadn’t even heard of the shelter before it blew up in the press a couple weeks ago.

"I saw who they really needed volunteers and thought I have the time so why not.

“That’s me been here a month and a bit now and I come three days a week.

Cumnock Chronicle:

"It has really become a sanctuary for me, my real happy place.

“I really want to help the dogs because they have helped me personally so much.

"That’s why I decided to run the 10K in Kilmarnock for them and thought of the extra spin to make it more interesting.”

He wants the project to not just raise money but also get some of the dogs new families and remind people how hard being a rescue dog can be.

He said: “I am really expecting it to get quite lonely. I think at first the volunteers will be great and take pictures and talk to you but eventually they will leave after getting bored and move on.

“I wonder if that’s how the dogs feel when everyone disappears at the end of the day and they are left behind. I also want to vlog the entire experience to give others the perspective of what it is like for the dogs and hopefully get some adopted.

“I don’t want to undermine whatthe rescue does at all they are brilliant and really help the dogs but at the end of the day they really deserve a real home.”

Aaron is also desperate to pay the shelter and dogs back for helping him out of a dark time in his life.

Cumnock Chronicle:

He said: “In April I felt I was on a downward spiral, I don’t believe in signs but the post came at exactly the right time and I just threw myself into the dogs to help them it kind of saved me. It really filled a massive hole in my life.”

“Dogs are brilliant like that they don’t even know how much they are helping you escape and how much joy they bring you.

"I think being surrounded by dogs for 24 hours will be really fun but the best part will be helping them and improving the shelter.”

The shelter have thrown their full support behind Aaron and promised to cheer him on the whole way.

Shelter boss, Lorriane Jardien, 54, said: “Aaron responded to our appeal for volunteers and since his ar rival has been outstanding. He has a very kind and gentle manner which the dogs respond to.

He is extremely trustworthy and very thorough in everything he does.

“For such a young man he has a compassion and empathy for the dogs beyond his years. We are extremely proud of his fundraising ideas and are fully supportive of him.

“Of course, we really want to see him spend 24 hours in a kennel and we have promised to eat pizza outside while he has bread and cheese.”

Donate to help him reach his target here: https://www.gofundme.com/helping-rescue-dogs-find-their-forever-home