A MAN has been jailed after punching a police woman during a street protest to remove a sex offender.

George Montgomery of Blarene Drive in New Cumnock joined with local vigilantes shouting to ‘get the beast out’ after getting drunk in his house.

The 31-year-old ended up brawling with police who attended the st re et in attempts to control the crowd.

He punched a female officer on the hand and then kicked a male officer’s leg after behaving disorderly and violent where he at one point struck a police vehicle’s wing mirror.

Depute Fiscal Andrew Lazzarin told the court: “At 2.30pm there was a police attendance at the locus in relation to a separate matter.

When they arrived, people were having a protest in the street to a person they believed was a sex offender.”

Mr Lazzarin continued to tell the court the group was shouting ‘get the beast out of here’ before police tried to move them further down the street which Montgomery took issue with.

He added: “One officer was punched on the left hand causing bruising and swelling, and the other officer on the left leg.”

The thug continued making shouts of “get the beast out” and referred to the police as “beast protectors” before shouting: “If he returned to New Cumnock he would be stabbed in the street”.

Officer seventually managed to restrain Montgomery and put him in a police van and take him to Ayr Police Office, but when inside he repeatedly struck his head against the van, causing officers to take him to hospital instead.

Montgomery’s solicitor Mr Steven Maxwelltold the court his client’s behaviour seems to always stem from alcohol.

He said: “When drinking he is a different person to who he presents to the court today.

He had been drinking for days, vodka was drank on the day and his recollection is limited.”

Sheriff Desmond Leslie said to Montgomery: “So how is it Mr Montgomery that you see yourself as a pillar of the community, that protects the community, when you have a record of offending that takes 22 offences, four jail sentences over 13 years?

“You assault two police officers, one which was a girl.

There is only one disposal open to me and that’s a custodial sentence.”

Montgomery will spend eight months in prison for the charges.